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10 Day Program with Organic Brown Rice Protein

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Lose weight and purify/revitalize your body with our new and improved 10 day doctor created cleanse. The 10 day program will help get you back on a healthy path! It is the most complete cleanse available with real clinical health benefits and includes 3 proprietary formulated supplements with over 118 of the highest quality ingredients and an elimination/alkalizing diet (eliminates allergenic foods and foods that stimulate and acid response) with chef prepared recipes. A brochure and email is sent after you order that includes instructions, diet details, program tips and chef prepared recipes. We also provide full company support and can be reached by email or phone to answer any questions that you have. If you have any questions please call 888-56-detox.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    I just finished the 10 day cleanse again which I went 11 days and I lost 10 pounds. Better yet, I feel great! I have not had heartburn at all during and my body feels clean, energetic and awesome. I have been doing the 10 day cleanse now every quarter for the last 3 years and I feel that I am so much better at making sure that I am following it to the T for maximum benefit. I actually look forward to doing the cleanse each quarter just to feel better from my over eating of things that I probably shouldn’t be eating. So happy that I found this program!

  2. (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Hi David!
    I am actually doing great! I have lost about 10 lbs since starting the program and several inches. I wish I would have measured before, but lets just say I can wear my skinny jeans. I am also sleeping through the night again, which had become an issue for me due to stress. I still enjoy the shakes as a meal replacement frequently in the mornings. I also have a new found love for vegetables! I don’t crave carbs all the time for snacks. I really have learned to take a little extra time to prepare something nutritious when I feel hungry instead of grabbing processed foods. I have recommended this program to several friends and family members because I have had such good (and sustainable!) results. I will definitely repeat the cleansing program again in the future. Thanks for following up and for the encouragement!

  3. (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    My wife and i do the 10 day program every 6 months and love it! It helps us lose a few pounds and keeps our diet on track. The company support is great! highly recommend the program

  4. 5 out of 5

    I would like to take time out to let you know in two years how much progress I have made staying on the Ka Formulas Diet
    it took me a while but to date my most impressive part was that my Eye Doctor had me tested and due to the no sugar on the diet and the
    Nutrients she said it’s rare but my eyesight went to less prescription instead of more , when I first started I was five sizes too many and I had just quit smoking, my Doctor had put my on High Blood Pressure medication with all those horrible side effects including erectile dysfunction , oh no way , I need to prepare at at that time I was 52 I was about to be borderline Diabetic and at one point had high cholesterol , well with Ka Formulas I have my shake I don’t get hungry with my berries and fruits and I feel satisfied. as with others they really don’t do the job for me. at all I ended up spending a fortune trying other shakes this one the Ultimate Supplement Powder I don’t feel hungry and I started to feeling more energized, after a year I took off some times to have a little beer and cheese etc and now i’m
    detoxing again I was feeling sluggish , this formula of Ka the Capsules and powder makes a difference, well I’m 54 now and I don’t take any pill for any illness. the blood pressure went normal and the beauty of it is, that at my choice I add tribulus Moringa all my own personal choices and it combines very well , I love it with Almond Chocolate Milk as Blueberry and chocolate taste good together. awesome to me I gotten real creative and I look forward to discovering more improvements. I’m totally happy I keep looking for more recipes with the ingredients in the book to get real creative

    it’s Awesome. and I feel younger and healthier then ever. Quitting Smoking was a deal breaker but I needed something to rehabilitate me after 35 years a smoker and this is it also I only wish I could see it in more places.

    I like to tell you I go and hang out at GNC alot and even though they have good stuff nothing compares to Ka Formulas and I only use the 10 day imagine if I did the 20

    My Most Sincere thank you and Testimonial that I can see myself reaching y 70s and or 80s Healthier then the way I was headed Thank you Ka Formulas, David Johnson and all the research put into this..

    All Gratitude

    Mr Joey Gonzalez
    Hallandale , Florida

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