Clients may feel a range of symptoms while on the program. These are all a part of the detox response and are a sign that the program is working. Those who feel a greater/longer response, typically have more toxicity to release. You may have no effect to a somewhat more substantial effect. These effects have been reported and noted historically as: tiredness, feverish, aches and pains, gas, constipation etc. Most participants who reported symptoms noticed that their symptoms diminished after the first 4-5 days. It has been observed in some clients (usually in those over 50), that a somewhat delayed response can occur. This could mean that your body begins to detoxify in the 2nd or 3rd week. Do not worry, this is a positive sign that your body is beginning to recover and rebalance. After the initial symptoms (which in most people were mild) participants began to experience great improvement in all subjective complaints, including those health complaints that they had before the start of the program (see pilot study info).

Continue to incorporate the diet of the last half of the program as much as possible. Introduce other foods back into the diet one at a time because some foods can trigger an allergic or immune response. This method allows you to explore how certain foods affect your overall level of energy or sense of balanced health. Recommended foods in the diet exclude the foods that are common allergic/immune triggers. Trust the feeling of well being you have during the program to guide you in regards to diet and exercise. We offer 3 maintenance programs to help keep the results you attained during the 10 or 20 day programs. Refer to the daily cleanse /maintenance program page for more information.

The diet and supplement protocol is well balanced and can be continued if desired. You can purchase our proprietary cleansing powder as part of a maintenance program to use all year long.

Yes, our cleansing powder can be used as a protein supplement, multivitamin or a daily cleanse with cleansing and supportive nutrients that can be used indefinitely as a supplement.

This is not recommended. The supplements provide much of the protein and nutrients during the cleansing process. The diet alone without the supplement doesn’t offer enough protein or calories.

Check with your prescribing physician first, but our program usually benefits almost anyone with or without a diagnosed medical condition. Our program will likely help improve your overall condition.

Organic food contains a lesser degree of toxins and because of better farming practices, greater amounts of nutrients. Switching to organic food is highly recommended. Remember that fat soluble toxins are the toxins most difficult for the body to clear. When purchasing food, make sure that all the high fat foods, as well as fruits and vegetables, are organic.

Yes, we do offer discounts for purchasing two or more programs. We realize that some would like to do the program with a family member or friend and strongly recommend doing so to help support each other and enjoy the benefits of the program together!

No, unlike other programs that deprive you of food and necessary nutrients, you can eat as much as you want from the recommended foods outlined in the diet.

Definitely not during the first trimester. We recommend discussing the program with your physician before using during the rest of your pregnancy.

The “Clear the Toxins” program is designed for adults and children 12 years of age or older. As always, if you have any questions consult your physician.

To properly do a cleansing program you need to have regular (daily or multiple daily) bowel movements. If you are not having regular movements you will want to add an additional fiber supplement. If you continue to have problems consult your physician.

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