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10 & 20 Day Programs

Our 10 and 20 Day Programs are a great tool to kick start a healthy lifestyle and change bad habits! Call us for a Free Consultation: 888-563-3869

Our new and improved 10 and 20 Day Full Body Cleansing Programs were created by a Doctor along with a PHD of nutrition from Tufts University. More than a colon cleanse, our complete body detox programs contain the highest quality ingredients to cleanse and revitalize all the vital organs in the system.

To cleanse these vital organs, it is important to provide your body with enough protein, essential nutrients, and botanicals to assist these processes. Avoiding contact with and ingestion of chemicals, refined foods, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine will help to reduce the toxic load on the body. Drinking purified water and adding organic foods are pivotal to the detoxification process. Through our programs, you have a powerful and comprehensive tool to address all of these issues. No other cleansing program has as many ingredients in the supplements, our purification diet or company support.

The Ultimate Supplement powder is the foundation of the program and is used twice daily in fruit smoothies along with recommended amounts of detox and green food capsules. Additionally, you will follow our purification diet which is divided into two 10 or 5 day periods depending on which program you order. The diet consists of organic veggies and fruits, quinoa (high protein grain), brown rice, yams, organic chicken or turkey, low heavy metal fish and even a little dark chocolate! The diet is detailed in the brochure you receive with the program and the email you receive after ordering. Included are some delicious chef prepared recipes to help you get through the program. This is not a fast and you can eat all you want, so you should never be hungry! If you have any questions please call us for a free consultation: 888-563-3869

Isn’t it time to make a change and get your body working more efficiently? Order one our programs and start living a healthy lifestyle!

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